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Located in coastal Connecticut, on 700 wooded acres surrounding a mile long private lake, Incarnation Camp is the country’s oldest co-ed camp. Since 1886, we have provided a fun-filled, traditional camp with hands-on learning and group living in the great outdoors. Our camps include:

Camp Pequot for Boys 7 - 13Camp Sherwood for Girls 7 - 13Camp Pioneer Village for Boys & Girls 14 - 15Pequot Sherwood Day Camp for Boys & Girls 5 - 13

Our camps are amazing places to spend your summers – there is nothing quite like the bonds you build with your camp friends as you experience the adventures of summertime together. Campers participate in well-rounded and adventurous programs that develop an appreciation for nature and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.

Conveniently Located in Connecticut

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Incarnation Camp LogoCamps Pequot, Sherwood and Pioneer Village are part of Incarnation Camp, the longest running co-ed camp in the United States, authentic camping experience since 1886.