All Natural Approach

All Natural Approach

Always Been Green

Being “green” is a hot topic today and we’re proud to say we’ve been working on our “green goals” for many, many years. As stewards of our beautiful 740 forested acres, and of our mile-long private lake, we are always mindful of how we interact with this place many call their “second home.” Another major role we play is in connecting our campers to the natural world by being tech-free. We provide an awesome atmosphere where campers are “in the moment” and enjoying those around them. They experience the natural world through our farm, garden and nature activities as well. Here are just a few of the ways we play our part in an All Natural Approach…

Farm Animal

FarmHand Program – Campers learn about the workings of a farm and can choose to participate in hands-on activities that build confidence in themselves and foster a connection with animals including ponies, donkeys, llamas, cows, roosters and peacocks.


GreenThumb Program – Campers plant, tend and harvest veggies & fruit in our Camp Garden. They then learn how to make delicious recipes such as pesto and salsa. Often you will find camper grown produce end up in our dining hall on our salad bar so kids can eat what they grow.

Funny Faces

Tech-Free – Our camps celebrate the great outdoors and connection to nature and cell phones, electronic games and toys, or computers would spoil the fun. There are so many other things to do, so many friends to make and so much fun to be had without them that they won’t be missed.

Camp Fire Girls

Nature Program – Our nature program lets campers experience what camp is really all about. Campers participate in hiking trips around our 740 acre campgrounds, canoe trips on our mile-long lake and on the Connecticut River, and camping out under the stars – all complete with cooking their own meals over campfires.

Garden Compost

Composting – Here in the great outdoors, our focus is on helping campers understand the cycles of nature. That’s why we have campers help compost leftovers from the Dining Hall which we then use in our Camp Garden. This helps create a closed-loop cycle, keeping the camp green.


Recycle Program – As the oldest running co-ed camp in America, our commitment to preserving the natural environment runs deep. We recycle glass, plastic and paper which are sorted and brought to our local recycling center – and sometimes these materials become great fodder for art projects, as well.


Motor-Free Waterfront – Our mile-long private lake is for motor-free activities only. The waterfront, named Bushy Hill Lake, is known to be one of the cleanest lakes in the country. It is fed by six springs and is often studied by researchers because of its fresh, clean water.


Platform Tents – Campers reside in Platform Tents which are less like pop-up camping tents and more like little canvas houses. The sides come down at night and campers sleep on bunks with thick mattresses. Living in tents plays a major role in being responsible and utilizing less energy. We have chosen not to build cabins and this is one of the reasons why.


Energy Efficient Light Bulbs – As you can imagine, a place this big has many light bulbs! Every time an old-school bulb needs replacing – an energy efficient bulb takes its place.