The oldest co-ed camp in America

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The roots of summer camp are as American as apple pie and important to our history as a camp. In the mid to late 1800’s there was a large movement of families leaving their farms and heading into the cities. Around this same time, the churches and synagogues of New York City began operating summer camp programs in the northeast. This was to allow children the opportunity to play in the fresh air of the great outdoors… something believed to be healthy for both the body and mind (imagine that!).

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In 1886, The Church of the Incarnation, an Episcopal church in Manhattan, established Incarnation Camp. Over the next 125 years the camp has been lovingly known by a few names. Today we carry on the traditional names of Camp Pequot for Boys, Camp Sherwood for Girls and Pioneer Village for Teens. Only a few camps founded in the 1880’s still exist and we are proud to be the oldest operating co-ed camp in the nation.

Our camp has always been very diverse. Campers and staff of all races, religions and cultures call Pequot, Sherwood & Pioneer Village their home away from home.

“The pioneers of organized camping were men and women with a vision of the impact of outdoor living experiences on the lives of boys and girls.”