Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Summer time is play time!

We believe that children should have the time to enjoy being kids. We believe in imagination, sleeping under the stars, getting dirt under your nails, friendship, cooking over a campfire, Medieval Festivals, playing ball, building community, molding clay, fishing, sliding down a water slide, canoeing, playing ninja, caring for our camp farm animals and all the fun little details that make up an awesome childhood summertime!

Kids in costumes

Happy Donkeys

Natural All the Way

We are a tech-free environment. There are no cell phones, computers, personal gaming devices, ipod, or anything else that needs to be plugged in at camp. Campers get a chance to reconnect with nature and enjoy just being outside. We sleep in platform tents, and have all the bells and whistles you might imagine (just look at our facilities page). We also have the magic of feeling like you are in a giant backyard!

Kids playing twister

Kids on the Beach

Diversity Abounds

We are diverse in every sense of the word. Campers and staff join us each summer from all over the country and the world. People of all races, faiths, and socio economic back grounds live together and learn from one another all summer long.

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Parent's Quote

The Affordable Overnight Camp

Established as Incarnation Camp in 1886, our historic roots and strong alumni support enable us to offer the best in summer camping at half the cost of comparable sleep away programs.

“The magic of the memories Julia brings home are wonderful. Incarnation Camps have become an integral part of yet another generation of our family. Thanks for all the hard work all year to keep a summer memory alive forever.”