Alumni Profiles

Alumni Profiles

Alumni Profiles

Ana “Pau” Gutierrez | 2009:0:5

Ana “Pau” Gutierrez, began her career as a Pioneer Village (PV) counselor at Incarnation Camp the summer of 2009, and has returned to PV every summer since as the PV Girls Unit Director. Read Profile

Leon Collins | 1972:6

Leon Collins - NowLeon attended Incarnation Camp from 1972 to 1978. Leon fell in love with the night sky while at camp when he was a child and is now an amateur astronomer in nearby Branford, CT. Read Profile

Greg Bland | 1976:3:5

Greg BLand - ThenGreg Bland - NowGreg first began his sojourn at Incarnation Camp when he was 13 and continued to attend for 8 years. His son, Coleman, went to Incarnation for 11 years from ages 8–19 and also worked there as a counselor for 3 years. His daughter, Shanice, attended all the divisions of Sherwood, then Pioneer Village for two years. Greg is an electrician and lives in New Jersey. Read Profile

Jimmy Christensen | 1993:3:10

Jimmy Christensen - ThenJimmy Christensen - NowJimmy started at Incarnation Camp the summer after fifth grade, spent two years at Frontier and entered Pioneer Village. Now, he’s DJ Snafu, the music mixing half of Junk Science, the rap duo with his friend Michael Tumbarello.  They’ve been doing shows and working on music in the studio. Jimmy continues rapping it with Miraculous Machines and Junk Science, bringing in the influences from other cultures that he was exposed to in camp. Read Profile

Ann Cerveny | 2003:3:5

Ann Cerveny - ThenAnn Cerveny - NowAnn began camp when she was 13 and continued to attend for 8 years, rising through the ranks to Unit Director. Ann graduated from the University of Michigan this past April, and returned to camp this past summer where she interned for a new leadership program. She is planning on attending graduate school in England. Read Profile

Chris “C.J.” Davis | 1979:8:1

Chris “C.J.” Davis - ThenChris “C.J.” Davis - NowC.J. attended camp from 1979 to 1987, spending two years each at Colony, Reservation, Frontier and Pioneer Village, and was a junior counselor for a year in Frontier. C.J. says that “not a summer has gone by that I haven’t wished that I could be back at camp.” He now lives in Hawaii where he is the Grants Administrator of the Kohala Center. Read Profile

Derek Edwards | 1979:3:21

Derek Edwards - ThenDerek Edwards - NowDerek first started camp in 1979 and moved through the ranks as a PV counselor (1991) only to leave in 1997 and come back in 2004 as the program director for Pequot Sherwood. During this stage he was able to see his daughter Kendall become a first-time camper in Woodlands. He is currently working as the Athletic Director at Green Acres School in Rockville, MD. Read Profile

Ann Bingley Gallops | 1964:5:3

Ann Gallops - ThenAnn Gallops - NowAnn’s father, Howard Bingley, was the camp director before Andy Katsanis—so she acclimated to the camp culture at a young age. Ann officially started at camp at age 10, was enrolled from 1964 through 1969 as a camper, and then worked there washing dishes. Her love for the camp led to her running the commissary at Pioneer Village in 1972. Ann is currently working as a feng shui consultant, helping bring people into balance with their environment. You can visit Ann at Read Profile

Phil Hammack | 1998:8:5

Phil Hammack - NowPhil began attending camp from age 8 and has gone back every summer. The better part of Phil’s friends are from the camp— some of his counselors were from England and he even traveled there to visit them. Phil recently graduated from New York University having majored in political science and Middle East studies. His future plans may include pursuing teaching or working at camp full time. Read Profile

Jenifer McShane | 1978:3:5

Jenifer McShane - ThenJenifer McShane - NowJen first attended camp for one summer in Woodlands when she was 8.  She returned at 13 as a camper at Pioneer Village. She joined the staff as a CA in Winds, then moved back to Pioneer Village where she was a counselor and, ultimately, a Unit Director. While in college, Jen worked at camp for the summer where she met her husband, Peter. Both of their children attend the camp as well. Jen is a documentary filmmaker, having directed two feature-length documentary films. She is a proud alumna of Incarnation Camp, and lives 20 minutes from the camp grounds. Read Profile

Janelle Rooks | 1992:3:7

Janelle Rooks - NowJanelle first enrolled as a camper in 1992 and stayed for 3 years after that. She then steadily rose through the ranks from Office Assistant (1996–99), to Highlands CA (1997–98), to Winds Counselor (1998–99), to Woodlands Unit Director, and then, finally, Waterfront Director. Janelle currently works as the Director of Operations for Appleseeds, a play space for newborns to 5-year-olds in Manhattan. Read Profile

Thomas Secor | 1977:9:4

Thomas Secor - ThenThomas Secor - NowTom attended Incarnation Camp from the age of 7 through 15 (1977–1990) in Colony, Reservation, Frontier and Pioneer Village. He returned as a CA in Colony and a counselor in both Colony and Reservation, while in college. Tom has served on Incarnation’s board from 2008 until the present. He currently works at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, for Liberty Harbor, a credit-focused hedge fund. Read Profile

Lois Williams | 1972:7:5

Lois Williams - ThenLois Williams - NowLois began going to camp at age 9 and continued to attend for the next 7 or 8 years. After that, Lois worked at camp for 5 summers and now returns for alumni weekend and other events. She continues to be a big part of camp life and activities. Lois now works for an insurance company as a manager in the claims department, overseeing claims in 3 states. Read Profile

Wes Wubbenhorst & Vivienne Thompson | 1975:5:6
Wes Wubbenhorst ThenWes Wubbenhorst NowWes and his wife, Vivienne Thompson, started as campers at Pioneer Village in the early 1970s. Wes has since served as a counselor, a Director of Pioneer Village, and as the Assistant Director of the camp from 1989-1992. Currently, he is the Provincial Youth Coordinator of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. Read Profile