Ana “Pau” Gutierrez

Ana “Pau” Gutierrez, began her career as a Pioneer Village (PV) counselor at Incarnation Camp the summer of 2009, and has returned to PV every summer since as the PV Girls Unit Director. When she is not working at camp, Pau returns home to Mexico City, Mexico where she operates her practice as a licensed psychologist.

One might ask, how do her experiences at camp relate to her work as a psychologist? According to Pau, “My summers at Incarnation have given me a different perspective of teenagers. It has helped me better understand them as young adults with their own opinions. It has also helped me develop tools to better work with and serve adolescents.”

Emotional IntellegenceThis year Pau launched her latest workshop series, Inteligencia Emocional Para Ninos or in English, Emotional Intelligence for Children. This workshop is designed with families in mind and teaches children how to identify and communicate their feelings. So far, the workshop has been a smashing success! Not only has it helped a number of families, but it has also allowed Pau to further develop her understanding of family dynamics and their impact on a child.

Pau plans to return again to PV next summer, applying her newfound knowledge and passion to the PV community.

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