Ann Cerveny

After just returning from studying in England for a year, Ann graduated from the University of Michigan this past April. Initially, she was pre-med but since she loves writing and English is her niche, she majored in English language and literature. Ann began attending camp when she was 13 and went for eight years, rising through all the ranks through Unit Director. “Camp is a place for everyone, and I developed relationships with so many different kinds of people. There is such a strong sense of community, and I always try to make it back for the summer.”

Throughout her camp experience, Ann met people from South Africa, Australia and England. In fact, her close ties to friends from Liverpool led her to decide to study there for a year where she attended Liverpool Hope University.

“I had many friends from Liverpool and my school allowed me to go there, and my parents supported me as well.”

Ann plans to return to camp this summer where she will be an intern for a new leadership program. She was offered a year-round position to help with conference groups, and friends from England will join her. Ann grew up in Chicago and resides in Michigan and plans to attend graduate school in England.

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