Greg Bland

Greg first began his sojourn at Incarnation Camp when he was 13 and continued to attend for eight years.“Camp was very diverse, culturally and economically, and many counselors came from overseas. It was almost like utopia and everyone got along.”

Later in life Greg had an epiphany about his camp experience. “I didn’t realize until I was an adult that God is present in that camp. We were blessed in that way. God enabled people to see how different people can get along when placed in a godly situation. It would take God to create such a beautiful environment.”

His son, Coleman went to Incarnation for 11 years from ages 8-19 and also worked there as a counselor for three years. He is now 21 and may go back this summer. His daughter, Shanice attended all the divisions of Sherwood, then Pioneer Village for two years. She is currently a second year CA. Greg met his friend of 31 years, Bret Spencer, at camp and he sponsored Shanice at camp. Bret has also sponsored a child for the last three years.

Greg is an electrician and lives in New Jersey.

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