Lois Williams

Lois got to Incarnation Camp by mistake. “My brother picked up a pamphlet, put it in his pocket and my mother found it when she was doing the laundry.” She began going to camp at age nine and then attended for seven or eight years. After that, Lois worked at camp for five summers and returns for alumni weekend and other events.

“Incarnation Camp played a role in developing me in a leadership capacity and played a major role in shaping the person I am today. People at camp are so varied and there isn’t any one ethnic or socio-economic background.” “Eight people live in a tent and there is a sense that you’re on common ground. You learn to live together and accept people for who they are rather than for what you think they might be.” All the people Lois met in camp are still in her life. “I would never in a million years imagine that I would have such a network of lifelong friendships.”

Lois works for an insurance company as a manager in the claims department and oversees claims in three states.

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