Camper Frequently Asked Questions!


Can I be with someone that is a different age?

No, activities are broken up into two age groups, “younger” and “older”. This is so you can be with other kids your aged and everyone will have similar skill level in an activity.

What if I don’t like the activity I picked?

That’s ok! Our activities only last for an hour and change every day. Give it a try this time and you can pick something else next time!

What if the activity I wanted to do is full?

No problem! All of our popular activities are offered a lot so you will have a chance to participate another time!

Do I have to know how to do the activity to pick it?

No way! Learning new things is all part of camp!

Do I have to do the same activity every day?

No, the activities change every day. But, if you really like an activity, tell your counselor so we can do it again!

Can I do the same activity every day?

Yeah, just as long as it is offered every day. However, we like our campers to try new things!


What is the overnight?

Its a optional sleep over with all of your camp friends. It happens one day a week!

Where do we sleep?

We sleep in bunk beds inside!

Can I be in the same room as my friends?

Yes! Wherever we can make it happen, we try to make room requests possible. We do always try to make rooms by age groups, so please bear that in mind when making a request!

What shouldn’t I bring to the overnight?

Electronics are NOT allowed on overnights. Please do not bring anything you’ll be sad about losing or ruining.

What will we be doing on the overnight?

We eat dinner at the dining hall just like we do for lunch. After dinner, we have a camp fire with s’mores. Also, each overnight has theme (Army vs. Navy, Birthday Party, Willy Wonka) so we will be doing activities that have to do with the theme!


What if I can’t swim or don’t like to swim?

That’s ok! Our swim period is to help you get better at swimming or feel more comfortable in the water. Our counselors are all very nice and there to help you while in swim class!

Do I have to wear a PFD (Lifejacket)?

You must wear a PFD while on any kind of boat or on a water adventure element. Also, if you want to swim in a higher level swim area, you must wear a PFD.

Is there other activities at the waterfront?

Yes! We have a water trampoline, water slide, cliff jump, inflatable iceberg, rope swing and water mats!

What kind of boating are we able to do?

We have row boats, canoes, sail boats, funyaks, stand up paddle boards, and paddle boats.

Do I have to wear sunscreen?

Yes! If you didn’t bring your own, our counselors will have some for you!


What’s for lunch?

Our menu changes every day. Click this link to check out the Food Page!

What if I don’t like what is offered?

We have a full salad bar every day if you do not like the main option. We also make special arrangements for any dietary restrictions like vegetarian options, gluten free options, etc.

Who do I sit with?

You sit with your counselor group!


Do I have to wear a uniform?

No way, but we do have camp t-shirts for sale if you want one! Make sure to wear shoes you can run around in! Also, you can bring sandals in your back pack for the water front!

What time do I get to camp and what time do I leave?

You arrive at camp at 8:30 am and leave at 4:30 pm. If your parents work early or late, we have before and after care available!

Do you do themed days?

We actually do themed nights which happen during the Overnight. These themes change every week and some past themes have been Army Vs. Navy, Birthday Party, and Willy Wonka Night.

FAQ’s for Parents


Where is Pequot Sherwood Day Camp located?

Situated on 740 forested acres surrounding our mile-long private, pristine lake in Ivoryton, CT. Not far from route 80.

What are the camp sessions?

Camp runs for 10 weeks and each session is one week long. Campers can pick and choose which weeks they attend or come the whole summer! Click here for session dates and rates!


What happens after I enroll my child?

When we receive your registration we will immediately send you a Welcome Packet, which includes; a camper profile, and a form for your camper to fill out telling us a little bit about themselves. We will also need an up to date school health form. In this packet there will also be confirmation of your place, and your invoice. All forms need to be completed and received by the dates specified in the Welcome Pack in order for your child to attend camp.

What is the refund policy?

If a camper is asked to leave the program due to behavioral problems, or if you withdraw your child from the program early no refund will be issued. If it is determined that your child is too ill or contagious to remain at camp a pro-rated fee will be negotiated. If that situation arises, documentation from a doctor will be required in order to determine if the situation qualifies for a refund.

Is there transportation available to and from camp?

Shoreline transportation available from Guilford, Madison, Clinton, Westbrook, Old Saybrook and Old Lyme.

Additional fee of $50 per child per week.

Registration Required.


What do you bring to camp?

Your child should bring the following items to camp in a back pack.

Water bottle

Sun screen (applied prior to arrival and reapplied after lunch)

Bathing suit


Close toed shoes (Crocs or keens)

Bug spray if needed

Rain jacket



Where do I drop my child?

We meet every morning at the Day Camp Pavilion located on lower camp, this is sign posted right from the top of the center, so you should have no trouble finding us. This is the same place that you will pick your child up from.

What does the day look like?

Your child determines their own day. Each morning your child will sign up for classes from a whole timetable of activities, including archery, water adventure, low ropes, arts and crafts, ceramics  drama, music, roller hockey, field sports and many more. This will set the layout of their morning. Every child will do swimming and boating lessons after lunch. Your child will have a choice of boating activities; we have sail-boats, row boats, canoes and funyaks to choose from! The nice thing about selecting their own activities, is that your child can pick a different activity every day, or repeat the lessons that they really enjoy and improve their skills. Activities rotate every day, and our counselors design their own fun classes too so your child will never have to do the same one twice, they will also never be bored!

Can my child bring their cell phone?

No. Campers are not allowed to bring cell phones. We understand that this may feel uncomfortable but we ask that you allow your child to experience this amazing outdoor, friend-filled, electronics-free experience. If you wish to talk to your child, please call the director to arrange a time. Know that our campus is made up of 740 acres and your child may not be in the immediate vicinity when you call. We will meet with your child during the next mealtime and make a phone date.



What if my child becomes ill while at camp?

We have several registered nurses on camp 24 hours a day and the health center is always open. The pediatrician’s office and hospital are only a short 10 minutes away. If your child needs to visit the doctor, you will be notified immediately.

What if my child needs to take medication at camp?

We have staff who are trained to administer medication. All you need to do is notify us of the medication your child will be taking, and bring it in, labelled with your child’s name and in its original packaging, and then we can make sure they receive their medication when required.


Health and Safety at Camp

The safety of the campers is our primary concern. Campers and staff are required to wear life jackets while boating, and protective gear whilst at roller hockey or our ropes course. All activities are always supervised by properly trained and certified staff. Registered nurses staff are at our well-equipped health center and provide routine care and emergency treatment. All of our staff are certified in Red Cross First Aid and CPR. Also, The Middlesex Hospital Shoreline emergency clinic is just a five minute drive away.



What are our hours of operation?

Monday – Friday 8:30 am- 5pm

Before and after care available.

We even have camp on July 4th!!



How do I get in contact with the Director?

Main office: 860-767-0848

Summer Office: 860-581-4560


If it’s your childs birthday we will have a cake at the ready!